HollyWeed Distributors Application Page

Welcome To

Hollyweed’s Gang of Greats!

Hollyweed Sales

is an effort to help as many

people as possible DEAL with the

coming pain and sorrow

that shall soon swamp the world

due our sudden / belated awakening!


Please include the following information

in order to be selected as part of our distribution team:




Telephone contact:

Name of Bank: 

Account Number (For Deposit Only):

How HollyWeed Sales Works:

Client / Purchaser Completes

HollyWeed Sales Center

Online Order Process

Provides payment,

telephone number and

an address to which

the product is delivered

within two hours.

If necessary,

to comply with various “Laws”,

we will actually


the price received

to a Local Charity!

You, the local provider / distributor

of the best Hollyweed known to you

can do your job safely, and carry No Money

to be seized by over zealous “others”

including ill-informed 

Law Enforcement Officers.

We pay, direct to your account, upon confirmation that the product has been delivered to the specified person at the stated address. (And will do so regardless that, in “Special Eventualities” we will Donate the Fee to a Local Charity.)

Of Special Note:

We pay 85% of the Purchase price received directly to your account.

Any mistake terminates the agreement.

Absolute Honesty Is Required. Period.

Want to get OFF the Street

and be secure in your chosen employment?

Get On Board!

And be Happy that

you now have 

Secure Employment

With No Fixed Hours, and

Minimal Risk of Exposure to Fools!

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