Hollyweed! Star Quality Weed! “Liberace’s best!"

Hollyweed sales is starting with a roll! And I’ll be right back as soon as I'm finished doing so . . .  !

                       Slow Smokers

Here we go!

“HollyWeed Sales”

has access to the finest Marijuana available in the world!

Our prices are competitive!

And we distribute wherever

such has been approved

due determined citizens!

And, in order to defeat the Idiots

who wish to control all others:

Our Delivery System


your receipt of

ordered product

within 2 hours!

(Depending on Location!)

Click on our


button below,

do the address and payment thing,

 stand by your phone / computer / whatever ..

And we’ll contact you

within that time to tell you

how close we are and “Please!” 

. . . be standing by to receive it . . 

with proper identification etc. 

Thank you! And

here’s to your health

and a sunny disposition!

Distributors needed! 

Check out the requirements

in your area!

If distribution of 

HollyWeed Sales products

is permitted in your area,

contact us

and we’ll send you the

“Acceptable Participation”




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